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Los Roques archipelago, Venezuela

Los Roques archipelago - Venezuela

Paradise for pirates who used to hide their boats among the many small islands and islets, the archipelago of Los Roques is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful insular regions of Venezuela. Located in the Caribbean Sea, 165 km north of Caracas, it is formed of some 50 islands and islets and 250 cays and coral reefs scattered around a central lagoon. These islands are bordered with white and bright sand, and on the largest of them grows a vegetation composed mainly of mangroves and cacti. The transparent turquoise waters hosts, for 19 km long, a beautiful coral garden, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
Los Roques beach The single populated island of the archipelago, "Gran Roque" has a population of 2,000 people, mostly fishermen and hoteliers at the head of small tourist lodges. Declared a National Park in 1972, Los Roques archipelago is home of a wide variety of sea birds and a rich aquatic fauna.
The diversity of species living in their natural habitat, the low human presence and the tranquility that reigns in the archipelago of Los Roques make of this magnificent place the most beautiful coral reef in the Caribbean Sea.


Los Roques scuba diving

Excursions and activities :

Los Roques archipelago is the ideal place to relax and enjoy at will of beaches and sun, but also offers you many activities and leisures:

In protected areas: boat trips sail or motor, to photograph the nature and practice or observe sport fishing. Also you will be able to swim and dive (snorkeling or scuba diving).

In recreational areas: in addition to the activities listed above, you may also enjoy sailing and water skiing.