Orinoco Delta

Warao children in canoe - Orinoco river delta

The Orinoco River Delta

The Orinoco Delta is a vast swampy area covered mainly by thick jungle, inhabited by a diverse and abundant tropical fauna. Is furrowed by countless canals which carry water from the Orinoco River, Venezuela’s largest, to the Atlantic Ocean. The millenary culture of the Warao, "People of canoes", the rich biodiversity and the exuberant beauty of its landscapes, makes of the stay in the Orinoco delta a unique experience full of adventure.


Orinoco Delta - 3 days trip

Lineated Woodpecker - Orinoco delta birds First Day
Transfer by road, 1 hour approx., from Maturín to San José de Buja, a small village, access to the Orinoco river delta. Here begins the fantastic adventure penetrating by aquatic ways the green jungle of the delta. During the trip we can observe the great flora variety and the fauna, as well, the autochthonous inhabitants of the area: the indigenous Warao people.
Arrival and welcome to the camp. Accommodation in beds or hammocks. Afterwards you will go out with a canoe to get a first feeling of the extraordinary surroundings.
Return to the camp, lunch & Relax.

In the afternoon we will take a boat to explore "río Tigre", a river that flows into the Orinoco delta, until reaching the wetland, there where the landscape of the Orinoco river Delta is contrasted with that of the Venezuelan Eastern Plains, where you can apreciate a flora and fauna slightly different: water buffalos, horned screamers, herons and with lots of luck an anaconda. Stop and visit of a local little farm.
Afterwards, our Warao guide will find an appropriate place to stop our boat and show you how to fishing the Piranhas. If you catch one, the cook of the camp will be glad to prepare it for your dinner.
Later, in the middle of this magical environment, enjoy the sunset in company of a "Cuba Libre". Return to the camp and dinner.


Orinoco delta jungle excursion

Second Day
Early in the morning, you will be woken by the calls and songs of birds and howler monkeys which communicate through the jungle.
After breakfast, you will wear rubber boots (availables in the camp) and follow your Warao guide in a walking excursion inside the Orinoco delta jungle to know from closer the variety of plants, many of them unique in the world such as the "Temiche" whose palms are used for the construction of the roofs of the Warao huts and its fruit, the "coquito", with drinkable water in interior. You will have the opportunity to taste the worm of the Moriche palm, very rich in proteins.
Return to the camp. Lunch & Relax.

In the afternoon, visit of local settlements, direct contact with Warao Indians, know their architecture, their customs and ways of subsistence (option to purchase elaborated handicraft).
During the rest of the afternoon, exploration of other channels looking for wildlife like toucans, macaws,hoatzins, howler and capuccin monkeys. Stop in the middle of a wide channel to admire the sunset with possibilities to take a bath in the waters of the Orinoco delta.
Return to the camp and dinner.
There will be an option for a boat night trip to search the nocturnal wildlife. This trip will be available before or after dinner.


Red howler monkey - Orinoco delta wildlifeThird Day
Early, at 6:00 am, coffee and tea will be served, and you will have the opportunity to go with a Warao guide in canoe excursion to take a closer look of the wildlife that wakes up and the riverside vegetation. Return to the camp and breakfast. During the rest of the morning, motor boat excursion through the Orinoco delta waterways looking for more wildlife, with some luck you will see the beautiful blue butterfly Morpho.   Return to camp. Lunch & Relax.

During the afternoon, return to San Jose de Buja and then by land to Maturín, Ciudad Bolivar or other destination.