Travel to Paria Peninsula

Paria peninsula, Venezuela

Paria Peninsula - Venezuela

The Paria Peninsula, called "Land of Grace" by Christopher Columbus in 1498, is located at the northern end of the mountainous eastern coast of Venezuela. It separates the Gulf of Paria and the Caribbean Sea, and has a varied Relief with its magnificent beaches, mountain forests and vast savannah.Small fishing villages are scattered along the coast, where are also located the four major cities of the region: Río Caribe, Carúpano, Irapa and Güiria. Among the main attractions of the Paria Peninsula, there is a set of beautiful beaches, especially Pui-Pui and Medina, palm fringed and hidden in a lush forest.
But the sea is not the only attraction of the Paria Peninsula, where you will find a wide variety of landscapes: waterfalls, hot springs, cocoa plantations, and also in the green savannah, buffalo farms. An unforgettable stay in an region that,  more than 500 years ago, already fascinated Europeans.


Paria Peninsula - 3 days trip

Paria peninsula landscape First Day
Early morning departure by road from Puerto La Cruz or Maturín to reach Cumaná (the first European city on the American continent); visit of the historical center and the castle of San Antonio de la Eminencia, fortress built in the XVII century to protect the city against French pirates. Before lunch, we will continue our way along the coast to Carúpano, to visit the historical downtown.
During the afternoon, we will stop at the House of the cable where, at the end of the nineteenth century, has arrived the first submarine cable transmitted between Europe and America, from the french city of Marseille to Carúpano. Then we take our way through Río Caribe (fishing village) up to "Hacienda Bukare" for a guided tour of the cocoa plantation. After a description of the manufacturing process of the chocolate, we will be able to taste products made from this fruit. We will then continue our way up to Pui-Pui beach. Accommodation at Pui Pui Lodge, situated in front the sea. Dinner and overnight.


Second Day
Enjoy the local gastronomy and a whole day on the Caribbean beaches of Paria Peninsula: Pui-Pui beach, Medina beach and Chaguaramas beach. Later, ride aboard a small fishing boat. Dinner and overnight at the Pui Pui Lodge.


Paria peninsula beachesThird Day
After breakfast we will say goodbye to the Caribbean coast and back on the road southwards to reach the buffalo farm, "Hacienda Río de Agua", located in a beautiful area of plains and swampy savannas, and populated by a wide variety of wildlife: freshwater fish, birds, reptiles, etc.. Excursion by small boat through the marsh. Lunch.
During the afternoon, continuing our journey, we will arrive to the thermal waters of El Pilar, where, in a natural environment, a relaxing bath waits for us. In the late afternoon, we will return to Puerto La Cruz, Maturín or another destination.

This program is subject to changes according to weather conditions.


Included :
- English speaking local guide
- All transfers and excursions above mentioned
- All meals (from lunch on the first day to lunch on the third day)
- Soft drinks during meals and excursions.